Why is Nebraska One of the Best Places for Business

We’ve discovered why Nebraska is one of the best places for business. With a strong and diverse economy, low cost of living, and a supportive business climate, Nebraska offers unparalleled opportunities for growth.

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Our analysis reveals that the state’s robust economy and favorable business environment make it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs and corporations alike.

When considering the factors that contribute to a successful business environment, it is impossible to overlook nebraska’s business advantages. From its low cost of living to its strategic central location within the United States, Nebraska offers a compelling case for companies looking to flourish in a supportive and growth-driven atmosphere.

Join us as we delve into the data and uncover the reasons why Nebraska stands out as a top choice for business ventures.

Strong and Diverse Economy

Our diverse economy’s strength in Nebraska is a testament to our state’s thriving businesses and industries. Nebraska has established a reputation for being a hub of economic activity, thanks to its business-friendly policies and skilled workforce.

Nebraska’s supportive small-business environment and low cost of living make it an ideal place for entrepreneurs to thrive. With diverse sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, and technology, Nebraska offers ample opportunities for business growth. Moreover, the state’s robust infrastructure ensures seamless connectivity for companies “” looking to expand their presence and explore new markets.

Nebraska’s commitment to creating an environment conducive to business growth has paid off. The state has implemented a range of business-friendly policies, including low taxes, streamlined regulations, and access to various incentives. These policies have attracted a diverse array of companies, from small startups to large corporations, across industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and healthcare.

A key factor contributing to Nebraska’s economic success is its highly skilled workforce. The state has made significant investments in education and workforce development, ensuring that its residents possess the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the demands of modern industries. Additionally, Nebraska’s strong work ethic and dedication to excellence have made it an attractive destination for businesses seeking reliable, talented employees.

As our discussion on the strong and diverse economy in Nebraska comes to a close, it’s important to note that this economic strength is further amplified by the state’s low cost of living. This advantageous combination of a robust economy and affordable living expenses makes Nebraska an appealing choice for businesses and individuals alike.

Low Cost of Living

How affordable is the cost of living in Nebraska? When it comes to cost advantages, Nebraska stands out as one of the best places to live. The state offers a low cost of living, making it an attractive destination for individuals and families looking for an affordable lifestyle. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the cost of living index in Nebraska is 91.5, which is below the national average of 100. This means that expenses such as housing, groceries, transportation, and healthcare are generally more affordable compared to other states.

The low cost of living in Nebraska not only provides financial benefits but also contributes to a high quality of life. With lower expenses, individuals can enjoy a higher standard of living and have more disposable income for leisure activities, savings, and investments. Additionally, the state offers a range of recreational opportunities, access to quality healthcare, and excellent educational institutions, further enhancing the overall quality of life.

Transitioning into the subsequent section about the supportive business climate, the low cost of living in Nebraska also translates into advantages for businesses. Companies operating in the state can attract and retain top talent with competitive salaries and lower cost employee benefits. This, coupled with the state’s supportive business environment, makes Nebraska an ideal location for businesses to thrive and grow.

Supportive Business Climate

Moving on from the low cost of living, Nebraska offers a supportive business climate that contributes to its status as one of the best places for business. The state provides various tax incentives to attract and retain businesses. For example, the Nebraska Advantage Package offers tax credits, sales tax exemptions, and investment incentives to eligible businesses that create jobs and make capital investments in the state. This encourages businesses to establish or expand their operations in Nebraska, stimulating economic growth.

In addition to tax incentives, Nebraska boasts a skilled workforce that further enhances its business-friendly environment. The state is home to several renowned educational institutions, such as the University of Nebraska and Creighton University, which produce a steady stream of talented graduates across various fields. Nebraska’s workforce is known for its strong work ethic, adaptability, and commitment to excellence.

The combination of tax incentives and a skilled workforce creates an attractive environment for businesses to thrive in Nebraska. Companies can benefit from cost savings through tax incentives while having access to a pool of skilled workers to meet their needs. This supportive business climate fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation.

With a supportive business climate in place, Nebraska opens up numerous business growth opportunities. These opportunities will be explored in the subsequent section.

Business Growth Opportunities

Nebraska offers a diverse range of business growth opportunities. The state’s strong economy and supportive business climate create an environment conducive to expansion and success. With a population of over 1.9 million people and a steadily growing labor force, Nebraska provides a robust market potential for businesses looking to expand. The state’s strategic location in the heart of the Midwest also offers access to major transportation routes and a wide customer base.

Nebraska’s economy is diverse, with key industries including agriculture, manufacturing, finance, and healthcare. This diversity provides businesses with ample opportunities to tap into various sectors and find their niche. The state also boasts a low cost of living and competitive business costs, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs and investors.

Furthermore, Nebraska has a strong network of resources and support systems in place to assist businesses in their growth endeavors. Organizations such as the Nebraska Business Development Center and the Nebraska Department of Economic Development offer guidance, funding options, and access to networks that can help businesses thrive.


In conclusion, Nebraska stands out as one of the best places for business due to its strong and diverse economy, low cost of living, supportive business climate, and abundant growth opportunities.

The state’s thriving industries and favorable economic conditions provide a solid foundation for businesses to flourish. Moreover, the affordable cost of living and conducive business environment make Nebraska an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors.

With its data-driven and analytical approach, Nebraska continues to demonstrate its potential as a prime location for business ventures.

Nebraska, often overlooked but hidden with immense potential, holds great prospects for businesses in various industries. Establishing a strong presence in this prime state could prove highly beneficial. SummitTrust, a leading advisory firm, offers unparalleled expertise and support for businesses seeking to navigate the vast opportunities that Nebraska has to offer.

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